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West Virginia does not have any binding legislation targeting advocacy for Palestinian rights in effect. An anti-boycott bill prohibiting state contracts with and state investments in entities that engage in boycotts of Israel or territories occupied by Israel was introduced in 2020, but it failed to pass.

State Legislation

Defeated Legislation

HB 4674
Defeated On
March 2020
Anti-boycott, State Contracts, State Investments
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HB 4674 is an anti-boycott bill that prohibits state contracts with and state investment in companies, including sole proprietorships, that boycott Israel or persons or entities doing business in Israel or territories it occupies. Contractors must provide written certification that they are not and will not for the duration of the contract engage in such boycotts. The bill also calls for the creation of a blacklist of companies that boycott Israel and requires the state treasurer and state retirement systems to divest from companies on the list. HB 4674 also prohibits public entities from adopting policies that have “the effect of inducing or requiring a person or company to boycott Israel,” in an effort to target divestment or other BDS campaigns at public universities.

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