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Ohio has an anti-boycott law in effect that prohibits state contracts with entities, including sole proprietors, that engage in discriminatory boycotts of Israel or territories it occupies. Ohio has also passed a non-binding resolution that falsely links boycotts for Palestinian rights with rising antisemitism on college campuses.

State Legislation

HB 476
In Effect
In Effect Since
March 2017
Anti-boycott, State Contracts
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This anti-boycott law prohibits state contracts with companies, including sole proprietors, unless the contract includes a written certification that the company does not and will not for the duration of the contract engage in a boycott of any jurisdiction with whom Ohio can enjoy open trade, including Israel and the territories it occupies. Although the law as written should not reach boycotts for justice, HB 476 is clearly intended to target boycotts for Palestinian rights, in particular.


HCR 10
Date Passed
December 2018
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This non-binding resolution condemns BDS, particularly academic boycotts. The resolution falsely links boycotts for justice with rising antisemitism, claiming that such accountability efforts are “legitimizing” antisemitism on college campuses. The resolution was amended to add language also condemning “white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and national socialist groups,” thereby conflating BDS campaigns seeking justice with those that promote hate, persecution, and violence.

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